The Durham Genome Centre, Park House, was once the “Manor of Lanchester” which dates from 1860. It has previously been council offices, a doctor’s surgery and Lanchester police station. Now it is home to state of the art laboratories.

About Us

The Durham Genome Centre is the vision and private investment of Louise Allcroft and Neil Sullivan, who fundamentally believe in the ethical and measured use of biotechnology to improve society. Whether this is by DNA testing to help families understand who is the biological father of a child (paternity testing), using DNA tests to resolve other family relationships or engagement in genetic testing for clinical trials, there are a number of ways we help support the wider industry and society as a whole. We conduct our own research programmes to bring forth new products and services to help the community.

The Durham Genome Centre is home to Complement Genomics Limited, the lifestyle genetics company. Trading since 2000, Complement Genomics is an innovator in genetic testing technologies. We were the first in the DNA testing industry to truly take DNA testing to the general public via dadcheck.com. We have considerable expertise in genotyping an other types of molecular biology services and also carry out our own research programmes, most notably in the area of biomarker assay development and validation.

We work through branded services, each of which serves a different market segment. Please click on the logos below to be taken to the respective websites.

Non-Human DNA Testing

Legal DNA Testing

Personal Information Relationship Testing

Molecular Services

Personal information Paternity Testing

About Us